Interconnection of Spiritual and Material Life

Awakening in the Material World

Awakening in your everyday Life

Spiritual as Material, Material as Spiritual

About the interconnection of Material and Spiritual Life,

Buddha advice on Awakening in the Material World , finding Your beautiful and free Self

Buddha advice and explanations on how to be at peace while realizing the essence and interconnection between the spiritual and physical worlds

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In these posts there is inspiration and support for all people who are on their spiritual path and the Path of Awakening in the Material World

I want to know that you feel accepted and inspired while being in your Awakening

“Beloved friends, in these times of Great Transitions and anxiety, there are keys for you to be in balance and to inspire by this the ones you love.

So you can say your prayers and also you can live your prayers, you can turn your prayers into actions, results, and inspirations.

Try to look deep at your life situations and make the biggest decision — namely to forgive and to thank for everything you have gone through,

because if you feel grateful — you are already a Winner” 💕

Beloved friends, we often speak about the importance of prayers in our lives. And this is of course the truth. Prayers do really have this power to heal and to transform our situations, different situations. The important thing to mention here is that there is time for saying your prayers and there is time for living your prayers. The thing is that only you know and only you define the time for both personally for yourself.

Sometimes in your life you will experience the desire to say prayers and actually to express your soul and your heart to the Divine.

And at the certain time on your Awakening Path you suddenly realize that there is an option to act through your prayers in the Material World.

And you start acting. You start living your prayers. Expressing yourself through your prayers that already are not only words but Actions.

This is a beautiful and powerful feeling. Being in this condition — is being an inspiration to all those people near you.

So please find this time to pray, and find this time to act by your prayers in the Material World.

Let prayers become actions. Inspiring actions. Actions filled with love. Actions filled with gratitude. Actions filled with forgiveness

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